Thursday, 29 April 2010

Using Monster to Get a Job

Monster ( in the UK, in the US) had been advertising heavily on TV and in the newspapers at the time so, with that fresh in my mind, that's where I went first.
Let's face it - if you're looking to find a job, there is no better place than!  Thousands of companies looking for talented, qualified, ready to work people go here every day looking for potential employees.
If you're not on, your job search just got a whole lot harder!
In this exclusive Squidoo article, we are going to share some secrets on how to use to get the job you want FAST.
I've personally used in the past to find gainful employment in no time flat.  And if I can do it, you certainly can too! 
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No matter what website I went to, I kept finding hundreds and hundreds of jobs. You would think that's a good thing but it just kept putting me off. Every-time I found something I thought would be worth applying for, I found another job that was a tiny bit better.
So I left my job searching for a bit and went back to my trustee old couch.
For the next 10 days I received a bunch of calls from recruitment consultants offering to send my CV (résumé) off for various available roles and potential interviews. It was all a bit surreal. Basically what had happened was that when I had registered with Monster, I'd also uploaded my CV as part of the process.
Monster has a very good keyword search function for companies and recruitment consultants that trawls all of the CV's and comes back with candidates who might fit the profile. Apparently my CV fit quite a few of those.
By uploading my CV onto Monster, I'd gone from a job searcher to being headhunted in the space of a few mouse clicks. I was offered job interviews in the following weeks and received a couple of job offers.
In terms of a job search engine, Monster is nearly the same as every other product on the market. In my experience, what seperates Monster is that a lot of employers and recruitment consultants use Monster as well to look for potential candidates thanks to Monster's ubiquitous marketing campaigns. All of which puts you in a prime position for being headhunted.

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